Bra shopping tips.

Every girl needs to feel confident with her body. My confidence advice has always been, find a bra that is cute. I truly believe then when you wear a cute bra you feel more comfortable, even if you aren’t showing it off. Another important thing is to make sure you buy a bra that fits you well. As I am assuming most of my followers know their bra size, here are just some tips for buying bra’s.
First of all, I feel like this may be old news. But a reminder never hurt anyone right? And hopefully someday someone will read this and it will save their life. lol jk
1. Make sure that the band size is right. When you go shopping ask for a fitting. On average girls have 4 different bra sizes throughout their life. (I remember reading that somewhere.) The band should fit you comfortably, without having your skin bulge over, or digging into your skin.
2. To measure your cup size, you measure the fullest part of your ladies. If they are 1 inch bigger than your rib cage then you are a A. 2 in=B 3 in=C etc. Your breasts should fill the cups, not bulge over or fold over.
One way you can tell if your cups size is two big is if when the bra is off, there are creases in the cup.
3. There is something known as a sister size. This just means that there is a bra size that is very close to yours if your not comfortable in the one you try on. For instance if you are a 34C Your sister size is one band size up and one cup size down… 36B.

4. Don’t be afraid to try on every bra. When you take them home try them on again. Make sure you love the bra before you agree to wear it all day long.
5. Pick cute styles that are also reasonable. It is okay to buy hot pink, as long as you own a white one as well for under white clothes.
6. I have bought $4.00 and $50.00 (Of course if you know me though, I never pay full price.) From sports bra’s to nursing bra’s. There is a difference. If you are looking for long lasting, the more expensive are certainly worth it! You don’t need 30 bra’s you just need enough to alternate and feel comfortable.
7. For the best shape go for bra’s with underwire.
8. And as I am sure as many of you know, Victoria Secret is having their Semi-annual sale! They sell bra’s that range from 26.00-50.00 for $15.99. If you go now, you will hit the end of the sale. Try to go to a store that doesn’t get quite as much traffic for a better selection. And if you are really crazy like me, ask them to grab out the box from under the table of your size, and try on tons!!! Can you tell I just went bra shopping?


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  1. I really hate going bra shopping! It seems like my bra size changes every 2 months (it's always going up and down for some weird reason) and I find it hard to find bras that don't show awkwardly under my clothes. Thanks for all these tips!By the way, I know you mentioned a few times that you wish more people read your blog. I saw this vlog lately and think it might help you:♥ Leia's Delights

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