3rd Anniversary

Finally a day without any plans! Ok, that isn’t completely true, but at least no demands of having to leave  my house. My three year anniversary is coming up! I cannot believe it has been that long. I have mixed feelings about it, but I suppose that is expected.

Normally I would buy *something* to wear for our anniversary, but this year I decided to do my hair extremely different instead! I bought hair extentions from Sally’s, and sewed in my own clips. It only takes a couple of minutes to put them in in the morning. Overall my entire new hairdo cost $30 to do it all myself, and a whole lot of time. But to dye it, I had a couple friends come over and we had a little girls day! It was a nice routine breaker-upper, besides the fact it was just nice hanging out with my friends.

Andrew is still getting use to my hair. I think he likes it curled. He hasn’t seen it this long since I was 16.

Andrew decided to join me in my photoshoot. I dragged him into the pictures. But his head is cut off. This is always a problem when taking pictures together, since I am 5’6 and he is 6″2.

Anniversary plans: We got a hotel using Priceline, name your own price. I think we got a decent deal. My sister will babysit for us (whohoo!), and I think the plan is we will go out on the town for a bit. I also am planning on using the pool they have so I can wear my new cute blue bikini thanks to Sunaina. :)

And a kiss. Happy Anniversary Andrew man!


6 responses

  1. Aww, Happy Anniversary! I hope you guys have a great time! My husband and I just had our three years on August 30 :)

    Your hair looks gorgeous! I love the extensions and darker hair color.

  2. You did your hair yourself? ! That’s talent right there! I love it seriously! And geez could you be any more talented? ! Gosh! You make me look bad! ! ! Lol! ! You rock! And I hope you have so much fun on your Anniversary! ! Congrats! ! I need a pic in this bikini you are going to wear…. You know that! :D

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