Upcoming Blogiversary!

 A few of you suggested I pair this top with white leggings, well I don’t own any white leggings, so I went to the thrift store and scrounged up a pair of shorts for $2! Yes,  I even barter at the thrift store. Lately I haven’t been able to do this with much success, but last time I scored big time. I got a ton of fabric for $3, and each piece is begging me to transform it into something worthy of wear and tear. I also took your suggestions and wore my only pair of wedges to complement the look. And guess what? I LOVE how it all turned out! So thank you! What do you think about today’s assemblage of clothing?

So, you want to know a little surprise? I have been blogging two years now!  I started blogging as a result of people asking me to teach them how to dress fashionably. It was very flattering, so I decided to start my blog! However vain my reasons for starting, I have only gotten to love it even more! I will tell you all the reasons…so very soon! So to celebrate my upcoming blogiversary, which is the first week of June…I am doing a giveaway!!! A couple days ago I did my first beauty product review, and I am giving away a gift card for $35 to iviscents vegan bath products!

It is open internationally and ends June 4th!

To enter, follow me, via bloglovin, email subscription or Facebook! and Leave me a comment!

For one additional entry do any (or all, wink wink) of the following:

Subscribe to my Youtube.

Follow me on Pinterest.

Follow me on Twitter.

Like my Facebook page if you haven’t yet.

Right now you can also get a free $10 off $30 until the 30th if you sign up for their email subscription!

Click here to visit iVi Scents

Of course, new followers are welcome, but I am only promoting this via my regular avenues, so hopefully my constant readers will have better odds of winning!  xoxo Annie


14 responses

  1. Damn! I freaking love this look! Annie! ! You inspire me to dress better! I wish I could make clothes look this good! You freaking are amazing! Plus that face! Geee! ! you are beautiful! Muaahh! Love you!

  2. YOu did amazingly on this look. The white leggings complement the shirt so much, and the wedges go perfectly with the rest of the outfit.
    Those wedges are gorgeous as well. I’m dying to get a pair that tie up.

  3. Yes leggings, this looks great! The wedges are the perfect finishing touch! So 2 years already? I didn’t even keep track of how long I’ve been blogging! Probably because I’m not very dedicated, I want to be but I’ve always trouble find time! Anyway, I want to join the giveaway!

    I would like to enter 5 times!
    1. blog follower
    2. facebook follower
    3. pinterest follower
    4. twitter follower
    5. youtube follower
    (I subscribed today! my username is poekkiiej!)


  4. Wow im so happy your doing this Annie!!! your so so beautiful!!! Im soo happy to have known you!!! And I LOCE this look!!!

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