Sultry Makeup.

So I often ask Andrew his opinion. But I always tailor my questions as to get the answer I want to hear. For instance, when I did my makeup, I leaned up against the bed and asked, “Does my makeup look sultry enough?” haha, see what I mean? Unfortunately this time I had to explain what sultry means. So in case any of you don’t know…

Urban Dictionary hits it right on the nail.

Sultry: Someone/something that is attractive, sensual and seductive.

Now that you know the goal of my makeup, (To be sultry) you may judge accordingly.

A couple side notes: In real life my makeup always looks better. To me anyways. And my earrings are from Chile. My best friend from college served a mission there and recently got back. She very smartly brought back bags full of earrings, which she planned on selling. I got 5 pairs and I love each one! I am so happy she is back!


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