Feeling Festive.

It has been a month. I think that is the longest lapse I have ever not blogged! Many of you may be wondering what happened, but to be honest I don’t know. Here is a short photo journal entry as to possible causes of my MIA.

Perhaps I have been spending my time doing projects. One random day I had a brilliant idea! Andrew had a whole bunch of PVC pipe that he used for a project that got scraped. If you are lucky enough to have a walk in closet, then there is no need for an alteration like this. But however, if you want to have the luxury of seeing your options without having to look through a dark small closet that you share with your hubby, then go ahead and copy my portable clothes rack!

Perhaps my time was spent chasing this little man around. You know he has discovered a lot of things this last month for example, how amazing drinks look spilled on the carpet, how doors open, how to run off beds that are 4 feet in the air…

Or perhaps I have been distracted by food. I mean with all that cooking at work you would think I would be sick of cooking, but in reality it motivates me to cook at home more often! Oh the luxury of picking out your own recipe, esp. ones that aren’t stacked with carbs, oil, carbs, sugar, carbs, carbs. haha You know the elderly can get away with that, as well as my ridiculously fast metabolism hubby and baby…but not me.

But you know what is really getting me back into blogging mode? The season! How I love the fall! It is the best season for layering outfits. It is the season for cooking with the holidays creeping closer. Not to mention it is right after summer, the least inspiring season for my porcelain skin. (Picture: caramel popcorn)

I also just wanted to tell you guys some pretty exciting news. I did a small collection! This is the first time ever! I can’t wait to show you pictures! And what a great way that will be to get back into outfit posts! (My collection is actually in the first picture, can you guess which section it is?)

AND… I was recently featured on Walk of Fashion. It was very sweet of Isabel. And btw I got my pumpkin pie candle.

Until nextime! And thank you dear readers for still supporting me, even through the summer. :)

And here is my Eco-friendly laundry soap recipe. I have been using this recipe for probably 2 years now. It has a lot of benefits, but if you want more info leave me a comment and if I get enough inquiries I’ll do a whole post on it, otherwise Enjoy!

1 cup borax

2 cups baking soda

1 bar grated ivory soap


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  1. Yay! You’re back! I was MIA from blogging for over a month and just got back as well. I’m excited to see your new line!! Post some pics in them soon!! Looking forward to reading more from you! :)

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