Iviscents Review!

I now have a Youtube Page! I have been wanting to start one for quite some time now, but I am a big scardy cat. I worry about having haters find me and leave me mean comments, and people disliking all my stuff. But hopefully this doesn’t happen, and only good things come about starting my page.

Also, since I started my Facebook page as you all know. Since then I have lost viewers due to deleting my FB group. I think some of them have not yet found my page. None the less, hopefully only good things will come about by doing this as well.


9 responses

  1. Love the review (I love watchig bloggers do videos). I haven’t heard of the brand, but they sound great. I love good smelling products: they’re so much more fun to use.
    ‘Birthday Cake’ definitely sounds like it smells great. And the towel looks so cute!

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  3. Milk & honey sounds nice! Vanilla frosting yumm!
    I completely understand why you cut it in half!
    I like the soap idea a lot!
    I never used a bath bomb, is it like sizzling?
    When I take a bath I like it bubbly with a lot of foam!
    The towel is so cute, nice gift indeed!
    The lotions seems nice too, loved this post cutie:)
    I’m sure you won’t get haters! And if so they’re just jealous! xoxo

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