Not to be a downer, but did you know that in order to keep your followers you have to blog a little more consistently? So thank you to all those who are reading this post even though I have been MIA way too much. And I know, I have said that in pretty much every post the last 3 months, that an my pixilated (not a word?) camera. So, from now on I won’t mention it.

Let me tell you about this rockin’ outfit. I really like this shirt. It is a little more fancy than things I normally wear, since the type of material, but it is soft/hard enough that I don’t feel too overdressed in it. The melon color is really exciting! And the cut at the bottom, like a classy button up would allow me to tuck it in if I wanted. But I’m too relaxed for that. (sarcasm). I exchanged an older necklace for this one. I feel this one fits me a little better. I decided to combine this look with a pinstriped vest. I don’t wear vests often, but they always make me feel kinda cool. And of course I wore skinny jeans!

I have a few different pieces I have not shared yet.  Like the cute bag I got for our anniversary.

I’m sorry guys. I really wish I had more to share with you all. Just know my heart is here with you!


5 responses

  1. It is true. If you blog more, people tend to stay. But you gotta do your own thing on your own terms and just enjoy it. That’s most important. Anyway, that top looks fun and I love how it looks with the vest over it.

  2. That’s a really pretty top and you look fab! I know how crazy it is when you don’t blog for a while and you lose some followers. But, hey, do what your heart wants and you’ll always have your loyal followers :) Don’t lose heart, girlie!

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