Time Squared Watch Inspiration

Lately I have been drawn to the idea of having a big chunky watch adorn my small wrist. It would be convenient to have a sports watch I could use to calculate my workout time. So for watch inspiration I started browsing Time Squared, a UK based company that sells an array of designer watches.

I have picked out my favorite Ladies Watches to share with you! This Adidas watch hits everything right on the dot. It is sporty, colorful, and straight up fun.

This Gc watch really catches my attention with all its details. It just seems so classy, unique and versatile! I feel I could wear this with jeans and a white T, or a LBD dressed for a fancy event. No?I love the thought of possibly pulling off an Angelina Jolie look by wearing menswear. This watch is from their Breitling collection. It makes me think of a man who enjoyed many outdoor sports, like sailing. Ok, perhaps I couldn’t pull it off, but it sure would look hot on my my man’s wrist! That is in a few years when he’s making bank.This post was written on behalf of Time Squared.


5 responses

  1. Love all your picks! Purple and pink are such pretty colours and though it are feminine colours, this watch is very sportive and strong. The second one is classy and versatile indeed! The last one looks a bit like the one I bought the bf a couple of years ago for his birthday. He didn’t really like it :( But now I’m wearing it!


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