Grow Up.

My life and lifestyle are a result of my experiences, ideology, and culture. One thing that my mind and body will always hold as a value is respect for others. When I write, I write my experience. You are welcome to disagree, however, be respectful.

If you consider something I do stupid, and rudely call me out on it I honestly do not care about your opinion. I do not mind critique from someone who shows respect.

If I do something wrong in your eyes, please respect the fact that I have the ability to make my own decisions.

If my discussion and topics are not interesting, do not read. However, if you feel obliged to join a conversation, by all means do! And even though we may have different opinions, I will always give you respect.

Emotional abuse

Calling someone stupid, or anything derogatory is obvious emotional abuse in my mind. However there are certainly more subtle forms of emotional abuse. Constantly telling someone that they are not good enough, or exposing a ‘flaw’ or characteristic is also emotional abuse. Emotional abuse may not be intentional, however, that is not an excuse. It is one thing to hurt another human, it is another to hurt a child emotionally. One should never emotionally abuse a child.



Those of you who are reading this, please know that I am not writing about an experience here. I am in a good spot emotionally, so please do not worry. It is simply something that has been on my mind, and I wanted to share my thoughts. I have found all of you all to be supportive, and have never felt that any of my followers have  found it their duty to harshly criticize me for something I might say or do.


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