Guilty Pleasures: Sunaina

To conclude Guilty Pleasures: I am very excited to introduce Sunaina from Fashionaina! I love this girl!

What kinds of things you want people to know about you?

I would like people to know me for who I really am, that’s why my blog is not just a shallow fashion and food blog, it’s very personal too. Sometimes I just write about fashion facts and trends but I like giving the blog a personal twist by telling what’s on my mind, what I’m doing, where I’ve been and stuff. In my last post I let people know that I started to take baking cupcakes serious and that I made Cupcake Kitchen for it which I would love people to know about that! (

What is one philosophy on life you live by?

Being thankful (for the little things) and see thing from the bright side. I believe that being thankful is important because it makes you aware of how lucky you are to live your life without things like war and hunger. These days everyone wants more and more and they forget about all the things they already have because they focus too much on the things they don’t have. I notice this with myself too and I’m trying to be aware of it because when I look closer there’s no reason I shouldn’t be happy or always want more. Of course I want a bigger house, a new phone, expensive clothes etc. but in the end my health and happiness is what counts. I think it’s also important to look at things from the bright side, there always is a bright side and being positive will only bring more brightness so no matter what happens, stay positive. No ups
without downs right?

What is one goal you are currently working on for yourself or your blog?

I’m not very consistent when it comes to blogging, I try to update twice a week but I end up doing just a couple of posts each month, so I would like to increase that. Also I want people to get to know the new blog since it’s not very populair yet. Since I’m baking a lot of cupcakes it’s easier for me to update that blog several times a week. The next thing I’m going to say is not about my own blog but about other people’s blogs: I have to make more time to read my favourite blogs!

What is one of your guilty pleasures or obsessions?

Obviously I love to bake. Not only cupcakes, any kind of cake and pastries! I could bake all day, every day. Besides baking I’m hooked to programms on Disney Channel. Hannah Montana is my favourite show but I also love Sonny with a chance, Jonas LA, Wizards of Waverly place etc.! I think the shows are really entertaining, those kids are awesome!

And lately my obsession has been people’s views on kids. So talk to me about kids, what do you think being a parent would be like?

I would love to have kids.. in about ten years from now. At the moment I feel like I’m totally not ready for it because I feel like a kid myself and I don’t want to grow up too fast. I have three little brothers and I always wanted a little sister so I would love to have a baby girl. Thinking about parenting makes me a bit insecure because I really don’t know how to be a good parent. But I guess I can rely on my maternal instinct! Even though I’m not planning to have children on the short term, I sometimes think of baby names and of all the joy a baby can bring!

*And FYI I will be back to normal posting tomorrow! xoxo Annie


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  1. Dear, I can’t see the photos, I dont know if it’s my computer or there’s something else…
    btw, I would love to bake too, but I’m too lazy, but I love to eat what other people bake, specially when there’s a lot of chocolate in the issue. and I agree with you, you have to be responsible to have kids, you need to be and you shouldnt till you’re ready

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