Winterson Pearls

So I have been looking at earrings a lot recently, thinking about a pair that would be relaxed and fun for the colder days this fall.  I came across this great article about choosing pearl earrings from Winterson, a UK based specialist in pearl jewellery.

I don’t know so much about pearls, but I am tempted by their simplicity and glamour! And they are all over the catwalks again this season. Some of these earrings from Winterson really caught my eye. Here are my favorites:

These are Tahitian black pearls. I love their color and unusual shape and think they would be very wearable. Not at all pearl-like or how I imagined pearls to be.

These look the real deal with their dark color, gold and sparkling diamonds. You could choose to wear these either in an elegant understated way or at a fancy evening party this winter. I am thinking the latter!

I also loved this long black onyx and white pearl necklace, it reminds me of the 1920s, Boardwalk Empire and Mad Men! What do you think ?

This is a Guest Post written on behalf of Winterson Pearls.


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