Double Scarves

When I look at pictures of this outfit, it is just simply not one of my favorites. I think without the scarves it would be better, but the day I wore it, I wanted to wear ’em scarves. Also the more I wear this skirt the less I like it. Which is the exact opposite of the white shirt that I made, which will be in tomorrow’s post.

Anyone want this skirt? lol I may just send it your way. In all honestly I think I may just re-make the entire skirt. Give it a higher waist, a little more length, and exchange the burlap type bow for something that is easier to manage.

I really liked the outfit from the back, scarves included. This is one of the first outfits I put together that I like the back more than the front. And just for smiles…

Myles decided to pose for me in the picture below. He has been doing that a lot recently. Putting down his yogurt and standing still, grabbing a ball as a prop, etc.


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