I often wonder, how do you get more followers. Now you could ask the pros. They’d tell you things like, be active on twitter, have great pictures, authentic content…etc

But this is what I’m thinking might work.

1. Be more conceited. You think your conceited enough? YOUR NOT!

2. Have TONS of money and power.I’m not talking about petty cash of $1000 here and there, or plain-jane normal power. No, you need to own a bank, and have superpowers like telekinesis.

3. Eat more banana’s every day.

Yep, if you got those three down, I think your good, and your blog will go viral.


I love the picture above, since it is a pure reaction to my man mentioning that it appears as though I have long legs.

I have minimal makeup on, simply liquid liner, mascara and a little bit on my contorted pout. No foundation ladies and gentlemen and I’m feeling hot! Now that’s confidence! This confidence may or may not get you followers, but you’ll think your cool. So that counts for something.

P.S. Ladies, do you want to do my Glam It Up Project again this year???


6 responses

  1. Confidence and contentment are key to a lot of things! Don’t blog for followers, but for your own passion, is what I believe in! :P Love the minimal make-up look…sometimes it’s fun to take a break like that…i do it too and it feels GOOD!

  2. I agree with the previous comment, dont blog for more followers, blog for those who really listen to you and like what you do; i don’t answer comments to people that are after more followers. Btw, you don’t have to look like you have long legs, YOU HAVE LONG LEGS and look really pretty in those pictures! xx

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