Its Sunday Again!

And you know that that means! Pictures galore! The first time I wore these boots, this is how I styled them! My hair is finally long enough that I can start doing some cool things with it.

When it comes to jewelry, I am a minimalist. Although I like my pieces to make a statement. I never truly had a preference for jewelry…although I’d wear necklaces most often. (Now I hardly ever wear them, unless they are long.) My style in general has changed a lot over the years. I like to think I dress more sophisticated, classy and relaxed now. However, I will always be drawn to mixing items that don’t quite go together.

What I am wearing: Blazer from my sister, Lauren Conrad skirt, Forever 21 floral top, secondhand cowboy boots, Lia Sophia earrings. Makeup: MK Steely eyeliner, NB Socialite and glamorous, topped with an orange/copper color from Coastal Scents. And the perfect MK liquid lip color  I have been wanting! I finally got it!!

Playing with Photoshop was a lot of fun today. I was in an artsy mood again. Now this is why I love to blog.


11 responses

  1. The ruffles with the blazer are a delightful combination. . it’s funny how your smiling shots turn out blurry (as in the previous post). . any attempt of me to mock the ‘peace sign’ in photos always turns out obscured by shadows! x

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