Dress up your eyes.

Self Proclamation and Friendship

I don’t like talking about myself. Ok that is a lie, I love it in certain circumstances. What I dislike is talking about myself to someone I just met. I much rather hear about them. I feel less intrusive that way.

The one question that always stumps me, is, what do you like to do? I find myself searching for something to say that accurately described me. There is an array of activities I enjoy, however I don’t like to be defined by the pastime of life. The mind extends beyond what one likes to do, and is a more appropriate measure of character. (Be aware I am not talking about taking action, but activities…)  However, in order to get t a level of understanding one’s mind, you must create a intimate relationship.

I want people to enjoy me, for who I am. Today I felt as if it didn’t matter if people did not like me, because I like who I am. I have worked hard at becoming a woman I am happy being. I have gone through mental, emotional, and physical changes to form this mind, heart and body. Granted, as part of my nature, I will always want friends. I hope to always maintain lasting friendships, but if what I can offer as a friend is not something that you appreciate, by all means move on and find someone you do like.

I know friendships can be casual, or intimate. And if you are only attracted to part of my personality I do not mind, but I make no promise to change or to not change. I finally have gotten over “coming to terms” with who I am, and am happy with the person I have worked so hard on becoming.

This comes from all you who support me in being myself. If it were not for you, and for you allowing me to communicate my ideas no matter how strange or awkward or even wrong. Because expressing ideas and communication is a universal practice I fully support.


I really wish I had a fashion blogger friend who lived in the same town as me. I have yet to find one. I think it would be fun to talk about fashion, blah blah blah…

I no longer hide the fact that I am a blogger.  The fact that I am able to network, build friendships, learn technology, maintain my own website, share my ideas, express creativity, motivate, inspire what have you, and on occasion write something that touches someone else, no matter where they live or their status, is all part of an accomplishment I am proud of.

Did you notice my hair is down? I haven’t worn it down in ages. I know it doesn’t make that much of a difference, but it is nice to have it a length that doesn’t try to convince me to chop it off every week.

How do you feel about everything I posted today? Do you feel like you have had to work on becoming who you are? Or have you and will you always be the person you were born as? And do you have a fashion blogger friend in your town? I really would like to know if it is as exciting as I assume…

Have a good Memorial Day, and don’t forget to enter my giveaway if you haven’t yet. :)


15 responses

  1. Firstly I LOVEEE these pictures! They are sooo good. Secondly, I hear you! I guess we all have to accept ourselves and forget whether anyone else does or not. And I won’t lie to you, meeting bloggers is a lot of fun! You will find one … soon.

    ♡ from © tanvii.com

  2. You look beautiful…love your hair down.

    I have no blogger friends in my town either. So wish I could transport them here! So I feel you. But that’s OK…makes Twitter all the more enjoyable—that’s where I tend to chat in real-time with my blogging buddies.

  3. I loved reading this. You’re amazing and people should definitely take you for who you are. I think I’ve come along way to turn into the person who I am as well, and I like who I am.
    And yes, having fashion bloggers nearby is definitely as exciting as you think.

    You look so lovely in the pictures. The white dress looks so amazing on you.

  4. Hey! I haven’t been blogging for almost two weeks and I just noticed you have a new lay out, I love it, and you’re more active on Twitter too, nice!

    You look absolutely gorgeous here, that belt and the vest over the dress looks so cute! Love your hair down!

    Great post. I feel like I did work hard but not always, I always have the feeling that I could’ve done better and that I have a lot of work ahead!


  5. Hey beautiful!! I love, love, love this post!!! To answer your questions, I love the person I am today as well, and I think in some ways I will always be who I was born at my core. However, as far as character qualities I think I have worked hard to become me.

    And I soooo wish I had blogging friends nearby! I think it would be so fun to pair up and talk blogging, fashion, fitness and life!


  6. You look stunning! I love your hair down, and your entire outfit is lovely.

    I’ve definitely felt in the past that I had to edit myself for the sake of affirmation from others. Blogging actually helped me come out of that to the fullest and it’s definitely taught me confidence, originality and self-worth. I grew a lot in many ways with blogging, even growing confident enough to call myself a writer and to determine that it’s my greatest passion. And I’m most definitely the result of every experience I’ve had, the result of all my thoughts and dreams. And I think I’m my own greatest accomplishment in life!

    Also, I don’t have any blogger friends in my town and I’ve yet to have a meet-up with any of them. Someday!

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