trendy Xchange Review

I recently came across a new consignment shop, trendy Xchange  in Provo! I first heard of it via the radio. Today I decided I wanted to go check it out! So I grabbed two bags of extra clothing I seldom wear and let me just say I was extremely impressed!

First I felt very welcomed by the girls who looked through my stuff. They were so sweet! The place was extremely clean, well organized and spacious. I felt that the cash they offered me for my stuff was worth what I gave. I didn’t feel undercut, and they took about half of what I brought in, instead of two or three things like some other places here in Provo.

The customer service was excellent. I have been on a search for a good pair of combat boots, so I asked if they happened to have any. They didn’t, but while I was there another seller came in with a pair, so one of the ladies told me about them and offered to hold them for me while I continued shopping. The entire time I was there I just felt very taken care of and at the same time I didn’t feel pressured to purchase anything.

I loved roaming around looking at all the chic stuff they had. I noticed that in addition to secondhand clothing they also had a decent selection of new clothes from a retailer. I thought this was a very innovative idea. I bet it will be good for business. They had a great selection of fall-wear and let me just say the pieces were adorable! Next time I will see if I can take a couple snapshot of some of them! But for now you can go to their facebook page and check out their pictures and daily deals.

It was also great to see one of the owners there. It made the whole place seem more personal which is totally my thing. The location is pretty good as well. I really wish I had been there for their grand opening which was Oct 31! Had I known, I would have been there to support! I totally will go again, and recommend them to any fashionista in the Provo/Orem area!

Now to show you my purchases…A pair of high end designer jeans for a decent deal.

I have been looking for a teal/blue bag for quite some time. This one hit it right now. I love how the bag itself isn’t too big, but the straps are nice and long!

And in case you were wondering I buy the combat boots. Maybe next time right?!

*This is not a sponsored post.


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