MK Colors Just for Fun!


I got to play with some makeup, and it was fun. I have been coveting these three MK lip colors! I was very impressed with the last two. The first one kind of matches the color of my gums? Which is really weird. The last one is the perfect texture! Smooth but not too thick, and it is totally fool proof!Eye colors

1.  Turquoise Waters Eye Pencil

2. Chocolate Kiss

3. Emerald and Crystalline I was most excited about these lip colors…

1. Coral Stone

2. Sunny Citrus

3. Sherbert Lip Color

What do you think of the colors?


10 responses

  1. I’ve been trying to figure out which look is my favorite and I can’t! They are all awesome. You know I’m obsessed with lipsticks too! I’ve been grabbing shades of hot pink to try recently.

  2. Actually it’s a bit hard to decide, maybe because how beautiful you look in those pictures too, but I think my fav lipstick color is the last one, sherbert, isn’t it? I think it makes you look so young, fresh, and I think it goes really well with your eyes too!

  3. You are so incredibly beautiful. I’m not looking at the colours! I’m looking at you! You are delicious!
    ..which now makes me sound kinda creepy… eek!! :D

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