I’m a model! Or so Mo thinks!

It is also very fun to see how differently people see you, as it is expressed through photography.

Warning: Photo heavy.

I recently modeled for my AWESOME sister in law Mo Talbot! It was so fun, as she constantly told me how beautiful I was, and how *@#^ amazing I was at modeling. Nothing boosts your confidence like a big camera with big lenses, an actual sound of the shutter opening and closing, and a photographer who thinks you are stunning. Thank you Mo! I love you!

If you would like to see the rest of the pictures from the shoot, check out Mo’s Facebook page.  And more of her work can be found on her website.

These pictures belong to Mo Talbot. Do not take without permission from Mo Talbot.


16 responses

  1. GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you! you are sooo freaking beautiful!!! inside and out!!! it was amazing to be able to shoot you the way I wanted to! I have more pics too!! just havent done them yet!!! you are amazinggggggggg!!!!!!!!!

  2. Actually I think you are gorgeous too! dont worry I have a boyfriend but it’s true, you are awesome and have such a beautiful face. however, I dont feel comfy at all in front of a camera, in fact, I feel quite ridicoulous!

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