To My Baby

I wrote this for you in 2009. 

As a mother, Myles, you make me strong.
I love you.
I am more patient with you…
which is an accomplishment I never thought I’d have
Your tiny body is adorable,
so little,
your baby skin is so precious
fingers and feet
no words to describe the beauty they are.
the way you arch your back, when your mad
or playing
Your adorable smile
It makes me feel wonderful as a mother.
Your social smile is cute too,
everyone who sees it thinks so.
You are getting bigger
Every few weeks I see it.
You are trying to stand,
and roll independently
your own personality is already starting to show
how you recognize Daddy.
and Me.
We spend so much time together
And I think about when your older
I love every stage.
The way your developing
I don’t know if this is what they call “Mother’s Love”
I don’t like the way that sounds.
I, Myles, have a deep connection with you.
A Love, A Promise.
Like when I vowed before God, and your Daddy Andrew,
That I would always love them, I love you too.
I think you know that though.
And may I always be there for you in your time of need.
My baby.
My Myles.



Things that happened in 2009

Dressed up as a mummy for Halloween. Started giggling. Ate and liked green beans. Pulled down Christmas decorations. Held your own bottle. Decided this early on you didn’t like playing by yourself. Slept on mommy’s lap with your daddy sleeping next to you. You saw your Great Grandpa Smith. You rolled over both ways around 4 months old. You did cute things when eating, like leaning in to eat food. You like to observe things. You laugh. You started trying to crawl. You put your feet into a hot tub for a couple minutes. You love your little angel that says a prayer that your cousin Suzannah and Amerilys gave you. You smile a lot and grab your feet. Even got to taste a popcicle and ham. Your room was decorated dinosaur style. I made you a baby quilt with a dinosaur on it. About the same time you were liking tummy time, you started holding up your head. You also liked sleeping in the Amby, listening to music. And you liked baths and showers with Mommy and Daddy. You make funny faces. You got your first package from Grannie Davies.She gave you a cute onsie, blanket socks and bib. You had a one month birthday celebration and Moro, Sandra and Randy came. You were the best thing that ever happened to Mommy and Daddy. We love you. 

The first time I felt you inside me was when Mommy went swimming in the hot springs and decided to jump off the diving board. I think you were irritated about that. 


Hey guys.

Just wanted to let you know I am moving my blog! I want all of you to be able to find me. my blog will continue to be at the website but because I am moving to a different server, any of you who are subscribed to my blog will not transfer. So you will have to resubscribe. Sorry for the inconvenience!