Guest Post: The Fabulous Life of Not-So-Rich and Famous

Guilty Pleasures presents Tanvi! I instantly fell in love with Tanvi’s blog The Famous Life of Not-So-Rich and Infamous. She is such an amazing woman with well-developed ideas. Her style is colorful, unique, and always inspiring. She amazes me.

1.       What kinds of things you want people to know about you?

I enjoying sharing my thoughts more than any specific habit or likes/dislikes. However, I have been blogging for 2 years now and anyone who has been a regular would probably know everything there is to know about me, on the surface!

2.       What is one philosophy on life you live by?

“Mind your own business!” I do not interfere in any one’s decisions nor do I like giving people advice (unless asked for). I also, do not ask very many questions. I would like the same courtesy to be returned to me, but that seldom happens! oh! well, life goes on!

3.       What is one goal you are currently working on for yourself or your blog?

I have cut processed sugar from my diet completely for a minimum of 6 months. I am working on making my diet 100% natural and healthy. It is a difficult process since I have a lot of cravings which involve cakes, cookies, chocolates and cold coffee! I am hoping to conquer this by the end of this year.

As far as the Blog is concerned, I let it be. It is evolving on its own…

4.       What is one of your guilty pleasures or obsessions?

It would be blogging! I have pretty much straightened my whole life from any other obsessions or bad habits!

5.       And lately my obsession has been people’s views on kids. So talk to me about kids, what do you think being a parent would be like?

I think being a parent is the most important decision of one’s life. You have to make a conscious effort to be responsible about another human being’s upbringing. Parenthood, according to me is something people should get into with open eyes. While it is great to have a mini-version of yourself, one should realize that it would involve a lot of pain, sweat and sacrifice. As for kids, I think when they are young, they are like soft clay which can be molded into anything. I find toddlers cute and adorable and fun to play with. Besides that I do not have much opinion about them. Just not a fan of spoilt, ill mannered and bratty kids!


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  2. I really loved reading this! Tanvi’s blog is one of my regular reads. She always amazes me with her unique outfits and bright, colorful style. It was fun to get to know her a little bit more through your questions, and I think it’s AMAZING that she’s cutting out sugar for 6 months! I can barely manage a week without it ;) she’s such an inspiration.

  3. Tanvi is such a treasure! I love her unique approach to blogging, how she sees it as an expressive process that has its own way of growing rather than a science with rules that need to be followed. And of course her style is absolutely amazing, I’m endlessly inspired by her. This was a beautiful feature!

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