Rock Canyon

This morning I biked up to Rock Canyon, and then hiked it. The bike trip alone was 8 miles total! But I do admit I had to walk up about .5 miles up the mountain side. The trip up was already a gradual slope upwards, and by that time I was so hot there is no way I could have biked up it. The workout felt amazing! It was really nice being able to coast back most of the way.

I have been trying to convince Andrew to go up here with me for a while now. (And of course have been considering doing a shoot here!) It is such an easy hike, and really safe as well. I think our little family will go this weekend. It takes about 10-15 minutes and I could do it wearing heels. Okay, maybe not quite that easy. Haha Enjoy the scenery!

And just one quite note to all of you who still think I am naturally blond: This is my natural hair color. And don’t you think my face red is just so attractive?! Apparently it is either red or ghostly white.


5 responses

  1. That scenery looks amazing! What a lovely route for a bike ride and some good old fashioned exercise! I wish I had a place like that nearby my house! I’d definitely be more motivated to work out then!

  2. Wow very sportive! it looks great out there!

    I want to read all the posts I missed but I should really do my homework :(

    Will come back soon! And I quickly wrote a new post!

    Will post more holiday pics soon! xoxo

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