I often wonder, how do you get more followers. Now you could ask the pros. They’d tell you things like, be active on twitter, have great pictures, authentic content…etc

But this is what I’m thinking might work.

1. Be more conceited. You think your conceited enough? YOUR NOT!

2. Have TONS of money and power.I’m not talking about petty cash of $1000 here and there, or plain-jane normal power. No, you need to own a bank, and have superpowers like telekinesis.

3. Eat more banana’s every day.

Yep, if you got those three down, I think your good, and your blog will go viral.


I love the picture above, since it is a pure reaction to my man mentioning that it appears as though I have long legs.

I have minimal makeup on, simply liquid liner, mascara and a little bit on my contorted pout. No foundation ladies and gentlemen and I’m feeling hot! Now that’s confidence! This confidence may or may not get you followers, but you’ll think your cool. So that counts for something.

P.S. Ladies, do you want to do my Glam It Up Project again this year???


Sultry Makeup.

So I often ask Andrew his opinion. But I always tailor my questions as to get the answer I want to hear. For instance, when I did my makeup, I leaned up against the bed and asked, “Does my makeup look sultry enough?” haha, see what I mean? Unfortunately this time I had to explain what sultry means. So in case any of you don’t know…

Urban Dictionary hits it right on the nail.

Sultry: Someone/something that is attractive, sensual and seductive.

Now that you know the goal of my makeup, (To be sultry) you may judge accordingly.

A couple side notes: In real life my makeup always looks better. To me anyways. And my earrings are from Chile. My best friend from college served a mission there and recently got back. She very smartly brought back bags full of earrings, which she planned on selling. I got 5 pairs and I love each one! I am so happy she is back!

A Perfect Outfit. (My very bias opinion.)

This outfit was a personal favorite. I finally got some pictures that show the shape of the shirt from my fall collection! I was super excited about that. FYI in these pics my makeup and hair was undone. See, last night I got all beautified to go to dinner at a friends house, and put together this amazing outfit. I even took a couple of shots of my awesome makeup and earrings. But I didn’t have time to take full body shots. So this morning when I woke up I decided to put back on my outfit from last night just to document. So here it is! Now that I have bored you with my freaking awesome story, I will proceed to show you the outfit. I like how my shirt is baggy, but tight around my waist without having a band. Like I said yesterday, this shirt is really growing on me. I did wear those yellow heels by the way! By the freaking way, tomorrow I will post pics of my amazing makeup! I didn’t want to overload you with pictures. AND… I’m sorry that I posted 4 pictures of pretty much the same thing. Like I said, I really liked this outfit.

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