Fall 2011 Collection! (PHOTO HEAVY)

My collection involves some vintage inspired fabrics altered into a  modern way.  The pieces include a draping jersey top paired with a textured blue and white skirt with a tan stiff material as the bow belt. The next outfit is a sheen boxy white top with lace detailing on the sleeve, and a pair of black trousers that continue the bow theme. To conclude I made a vintage inspired pencil skirt with a block of lace as a front waistband. I paired it with a cotton shirt that has been textured with a burning technique.( I did not make the cotton top.)

I tried to make peices that would be interchangeable. That is why I went ahead and restyled the jersey top with the trousers I made for a more relaxed look. There are also detail pictures at the bottom of the white top as it was extremely hard to photograph.

I made both necklaces as well as part of the collection. I when ahead and make a mock purse with one of the necklaces and my makeup brush bag (which I often throw in a few night makeup essentials and take out).

Here is a few quick snapshots I took before I went to a wedding reception wearing one pieces from my collection. The makeup also made my eyes appear much bluer than normal which i thought was fun and wanted to share with you. I would also like to apologize, my camera has been having major issues recently. It is causing some major focus issues. I wish I could have given you more detailed pics, but these will have to do. The last picture may seem slightly random, but it does show the fabric much better than the pictures posted above. Also please forgive any grammatical errors as I am writing this well past my bedtime. Enjoy! I cannot wait to catch up on all your blogs! But I did not want you to have to wait any longer for me to share this post! xoxo Annie


Just Living Life.

Lots of emotions lately. Both good and bad. Just living life here.

Ladies and Gentlemen…I know most of you have already seen my announcement via FB, I got a job! Good thing too. I have been trying to convince myself I don’t want another child right now but luckily now I don’t have to as I will have something to distract me! It also give me some money, which we could definitely use.

I want to share with all of you what the job is like, but I will keep the information limited on here because ya know, this blog ain’t private. But I will tell you it is an assisted living facility and I LOVE it! I get to do everything I love doing as a CNA and none of the stuff I dislike. I also get to cook for them, as you all know I love to cook! Baking on the other hand… is still not a specialty. For instance, I tried to make THIS CAKE (thanks Sunaina!) and got this. Perhaps not the most pleasant looking thing…but I thought it was delicious nonetheless. It was my toddlers birthday cake!

I have so much I want to share, but nothing wants to come out of my head! I try to write it, but nothing is coherent! So forgive me as I try to write some thoughts…and please note, I am not upset, angry, or hurt when I write any of this. I am simply defining how I feel.

I too like many women have had self-image problems. But I have found a way to overcome that for the most part.

I workout, to be healthy. Emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually, because it helps me with all of these.

I believe everyone is beautiful.

Sometimes I want to tell you all why I care about the things I do. But that is an intimate subject, and I already say to much here on my blog.

I don’t always feel pretty, but I do believe I am pretty.

I don’t think I am obsessive over looks, like my man says, makeup, clothes, looks is a hobby of mine. I agree.  However it does not define me as superficial or vain.

I try very hard to eat healthy. I do not claim to have had an eating disorder, although I did do things that would have suggested so, but that is no longer a part of my life, and has not been for a long time.

I also know how to cope with, and attempt to prevent my depression. And THAT took a lot of mental control, practice, and change.

I know I have said that I am happy with who I am today, and that it has taken a lot of work to become a person I am happy to be. I couldn’t have become who I am without Andrew. He has helped me become who I want to be, he is a huge part of why I am happy with who I am.

I know what feels good to my body, what is too skinny and what is to big. And I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting to try challenges that push me to be more dedicated.

I have been stressed about not having a job, but I still do feel like the timing was right, and waiting was what I needed.

I am happy I am not the same person I was five years ago. I am happy I am not the same person I was even a year ago. Because now I am stronger, more independent, happier, have more love in my life, and know what matters to me now. There are still things I struggle with, still things that make me question, but overall I feel more at peace with myself, which is something I have struggled with for many years.

I don’t always like telling people the way that I feel, because I don’t like being vulnerable. I also don’t always know how I feel. I don’t want anyone to have an advantage over me, or have the ability to judge me. But no matter how I feel, people will always judge, even when they are not meaning too.

Smurfs aren’t cool. But if I was a smurf I would be cool. Now take it, or leave it. This (all of this) is me.

Golden and a Vlog!

Hey followers, I have something fun for you. I did a vlog! So enjoy. Also, if you didn’t get a chance, you should check out this little video that a blogger friend, Neil from My Prezel Logic made. I make an appearance in it. I love Neil’s writing. I was glad to be part of his project!

The candles I talk about in the vlog. Very nice I know.Tomorrow I will post a makeup tutorial for the look I have on here! …and when I say pan I mean pot, and please forgive the ums…