Natural Makeup Look Tutorial

My go-to everyday makeup look. It is very natural, and is what I am wearing in yesterday’s post. I was stumbling all over the place with my words, but practice makes perfect right? It shows very basic techniques. Next time I will try to have get better lighting as well. Now that I am done apologizing, Hope you enjoy!


7 responses

  1. Wow this is basic? Doing make up is just algebra to me!
    It’s really not my thing I guess but your tutorials are very helpful!
    Nice vlog Annie :) Yea I’m really happy with the comments!
    Happy weekend! xoxo

  2. Natural make up is the best and your tutorial is great. I love how easy and fast this tutorial was as well. I will definitely be trying it. It’s always easier to pick up little tips and tricks while watching other people talk and do their make up, so this is really useful.

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