Golden and a Vlog!

Hey followers, I have something fun for you. I did a vlog! So enjoy. Also, if you didn’t get a chance, you should check out this little video that a blogger friend, Neil from My Prezel Logic made. I make an appearance in it. I love Neil’s writing. I was glad to be part of his project!

The candles I talk about in the vlog. Very nice I know.Tomorrow I will post a makeup tutorial for the look I have on here! …and when I say pan I mean pot, and please forgive the ums…


11 responses

  1. Oh wait, i didn’t even get to finish what I was going to say. I like the way you use that body spray! I too do not like to use that spray on my body. I worked at Victoria’s Secret for a summer and so many strippers came in buying boatloads of that stuff. I now equate that spray with being a stripper. SO I do not wear it. AND I think you should wear that tunic with white jeggings and wedges. You would be too cute!

  2. Loved the vLog and your biker jacket, it’s so cool! For the tunic, I’d picture someone wearing that with either white shorts or a short skirt coupled with a belt and some pretty wedges. :)

  3. Loved the video your friend did. So sweet. And I loved your vlog as well. The candles are so pretty!! Ooo, spraying body mist on clothes is a great idea!
    Yay, your plants are growing!! I’m growing corinadar! And that ;ast outfit looks like it’ll look great.

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  5. Those candles look lovely! Great idea to use the body mist for your clothes.
    Love the ripped jeans/floral/leather outfit! I would combine the purple blouse
    with something white, a legging perhaps! I would not ruin the blouse by wearing to many accessories so my tip is to keep it simple! How nice that you’re planting your own veggies! Erik and I do that too, can’t wait to eat from our own yard!

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