I should just put the date here.

This outfit was all about comfort. I actually wore red lipstick this morning, which was awesome…but neglected to keep it up all day.

I feel slightly uninspired lately. Which is somewhat humorous to me, since about a week ago I had 4 different outfits I wanted to wear. I think it is because I need to clean my closet. I also need somewhere to go during the day for motivation.I have been lacking in working out as well. I really don’t know why. Do you know any good motivators to work out? I feel slightly in a rut.

Here is an unsaturated, more realistic picture for those of you who have this desire to see the real thing.

Perhaps I just need my favorite TV shows to update on their episodes. Or I need that sunshine to actually get here and stop pretending to be my friend and actually follow through.

Or I just need a job. I’m working on that one.

xoxo Annie


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