Being a Mother.

I have an honest confession. I never thought I would be married so early in my life, let alone a mother. But I fell in love with a perfect man for me. Any plans I had to finish my degree or travel no longer took priority.

I don’t see myself as liking being a ‘mom’. Rather I love being Myles’ mom. The connection I feel is deep and very different from any other relationship I have. I imagine other mothers feel the same way I do, but I am simply happy that I have this connection directly with Myles.

I found this picture among many my sister Sarah took for his one year birthday. He has been turning into a little boy lately.

Recently Myles has started playing with action figures. He has also started signing a little more, singing, dancing, and fighting to get his way…but best of all, he comes into our room in the morning and climbs onto the bed smiling. Today he also laid on his stomach with his hands under his chin watching his soundless movie. It was precious.


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  1. Adorable picture! I can’t imagine how it must feel to have that connection with your child but I’m sure it’s amazing and I hope to feel it some day too! You can be a proud mom Annie :)

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