War Craft III Review

I played War Craft III for the first second time in my life. Andrew is a gamer…not extreme, but he does love to play. The first time he tried to teach me, it was horrible! About every ten seconds I would ask how to do something and he would get all frustrated. Seriously if you want to teach your gamer illiterate wife how to play, you must, and I repeat MUST be patient…otherwise when you suggest playing she will automatically want to scrub the toilet. Just teasing Andrew man, although you don’t read this unless I tell you to.

When I saw illiterate gamer I mean I seriously have played one two games in my life.

1. Jetpack. After three years of playing this I think I finally made it to level seven. Then I turned fourteen and had better things to with my life, like think about who I was currently crushing on.

2. Spore. In this game I managed to evolve into a land creature. However, I could not find food and died.

So, game 3. War Craft III. I managed to not frustrate my husband (for the most part) and I can move around, and actually can do stuff! Like fight…and explore. I am so cool. haha lol yeah……

Honestly though it is a very fun game, and not too hard to figure out. Granted I have not tried to complete quests. Mainly I follow the other guys playing, (which you can do without doing anything really. hahaha), but if I want to fight, well I can! All hardcore. Cuz I’m like that.

Did you like this post? It is very out of the norm for me. But I wanted to do something tailored to the few males who read but are not interested in the makeup/outfit posts…unless they are my brother and want to tell me I look weird. Just teasing bro. I liked your comment. It was honest. :)


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  1. Hehe, I know my brother is a huge gamer. He works for Microsoft, int heir gaming department, so is obsessed! I’ve seen him play a few times, and have tried as well. I’m just so bad at gaming, lol.

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