Onions as Table Decor?

Oh yes I did! When shopping I couldn’t decide between purple (okay, I was corrected, red) and white onions. They sit in a basket on my table, and smell amazing! So I decided to lay them in a beautiful line…  As I said on FB my orchid bloomed!Ever since Tanvii posted a recipe on Indian Chow Mein I couldn’t get my mind off of it! I chose to make it for my dinner party. Next time I will cut back on the chile’s for us who have a harder time eating the heat! lol It was still delicious. It was my first time ever buying chile peppers! I got 5 for 21 cents! I was so excited!Also made banana bread, the unhealthy version made a little healthier. It has lots of sugar, butter and cream cheese but I substituted the white flour to 1/3 whole wheat and added flaxseed. Have you done any dinner parties recently? They are one of my favorite things ever.


8 responses

  1. Hey Annie, just a quick tip about the chilis. If you remove the seeds, it cuts out A LOT of the heat but leaves the flavor of the pepper intact. That dish looks DELICIOUS! Thanks for your blog. I love it!

  2. Sounds like a perfect dinner party. The chow mein looks delicious! And the table looks great.
    I’ve perfected a steam mixed vegetable dish, which is my specialty for dinner parties.

  3. wow! These photos make me so hungry now. I love how you accentuated your table with unions, they’re my favorite spices, and only now I realized they look good as decors too. I love dinner party but had never hosted one yet. I need to learn to cook :)

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