Make me a Princess!

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Every woman who wears a Sari is a princess. At least that is what I thought growing up. If I were to win Sherin’s Sari Giveaway I would pick one of these princess dresses.

With the above dress I would wear it with some earth-toned jewelry. We are talking wooden bracelets with some antiqued gold/bronze color. A bronzed natural face with cat eyes and a nude lipstick.

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For our second, absolutely rich in color, I would pair it with nothing but BOLD earrings. Then I would do a dark smoky plum eye with a pale pink on the cheeks, again, fake a tan, and a light pale gloss.

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For this look, with that amazing sleeve detail, I would wear dark makeup. Lots of black, on the eyes. I may even pull out a orange or red lipstick. No, I would put on that orange or red lipstick for sure. I would wear feather earring and big fatty rings that go, vahvooom!

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Now if I were to be a little more practical I would pick this lovely Salwar. (at least that is what I think it is called. If I am wrong please let me know!!!) . That way I could wear each piece separately. I love each piece seperately and have so many ideas. First I would wear the main part as a dress. I would pair it with some funky heels. The pant’s part, I would wear with a white Tee and a fancy smancy necklace, my new black studded heels and a watch, if I owned a watch. And lastly the scarf part…It would go with everything. For some reason I want to try it with this dress? Super crazy I know! It may be too light for it though, making the proportions off. Maybe I could wear it in my hair somehow?

And I were to be very unpractical (since I would have no occasion to wear this, other than a themed party perhaps…)But if I were wearing this there would be no mistake. I WOULD BE A PRINCESS! and I would style it with a huge smile that I wouldn’t be able to take off my face. Especially if I looked half as beautiful as the model in the dress! Doesn’t she have the most beautiful hair, skin, body, everything? (I would actually die to look like the first model though. She is AMAZINGLY stunning. No wonder why I thought all girls who wear Sari’s are princesses?!)

CHECK OUT SHERIN’S post and enter her giveaway if you haven’t yet!

xoxo Annie

P.S. if any of you do this, let me know! I would love to know how you would style the ones you pick!

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11 responses

  1. I love what you described for the first sari, I think you’d look stunning in that & the accessories and make-up you described. There’s something very elegant when non-Indians wear saris :) I made my two Singaporean friends wear saris for my wedding and they looked awesome!

  2. So glad you had fun writing this post! I had fun reading it. You picked really gorgeous pieces and have them styled so well! The last one is so princessy.

  3. Sarees are so beautiful! I love traditional clothing. Too bad I don’t have many occasions to wear one! I entered the giveaway! Your last pick is my fav! xoxo

  4. I love this giveaway from Sherin! The website has such gorgeous Saris! I have a post going up tomorrow about it as well! The ones you featured are stunning! Such vibrant colors!

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