Thank you for all the congratulations. :) Today I went to my sister in law’s graduation! She too got her AS degree and I am very proud of her!Watching Gossip Girl. I love the dramatic element to the show, but what truly loves to look at the clothes they wear.

This is my bobble head skirt! Sorry I didn’t get a video of it. :P It is far from flawless, but I still love it. I wanted it poofy. It looks slightly boxy in these pictures… I don’t think it looks that way in person, but perhaps it does. hmm hmm.  I actually have like 10 ways I can think of styling this skirt, so it was a good addition to my closet.


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  2. I have two skirts like that. Mine are a bit shorter than yours and fit me at my natural waistline, on top of my hips. I think that helps with making them poofy. They also are lined on the inside with tulle, which also really helps. I have a picture of me wearing one on my facebook in my newest Glasgow pictures. I’m jumping on a bed. I love them! I got them from J. Crew. Where else?

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