Serious details baby.

I wanted to do a really happy post today since my blog looks a little forlorn. But then after reading the news I wanted to share my opinion. So I’m going to do both. A friend gave me this swan figurine. It perfectly holds my bracelets and a few rings.Isn’t he just so adorable?! Those hands are just so precious to me. I also like that he poses with me. Sometimes he even tries to grab the tripod and poses by himself!

Details of my newest purchase, a thrift store shirt (which is perfect in so many ways) and my shoes from last outfit post.Now for a little research I did and wanted to share.

This morning, in the news Oregon inmate, Christian Longo requested to donate his organs. He is awaiting death sentence for the murder of his wife, daughter and two boys.

Capital punishment is given for aggravated murder, seldom other crimes. Since 2000 There have been 503 executions and over half of them done by the state of Texas accounting for 267. There are 3,096 inmates currently facing death row. In the last five years there have been a total of 133 + 110 by Texas making a total of 243 executions.

The national wait-list for organs is 110,772. Lets say for the sake of argument, that one 1/3 of the inmates executed in the past 5 years had wanted to donate, were allowed to and had six healthy organs to donate (heart, lungs, , kidneys, liver). That makes 437 LIVES THAT COULD HAVE BEEN SAVED!

Now I know the argument is over ethics, since it may increase the amount of people that that are put to death in order to achieve numbers like these for society, (more organ donations). But that is why you can place laws protecting the inmates, something that I feel could be improved anyways.

Honestly though, I am surprised that being able to choose what you do with your body after you die is not a basic human right according to the laws here.

The article says that his donating will not atone for his sins. I say not allowing him to donate is not allowing him to even try.

I honestly have some issues with the prison systems. I hate how they don’t allow inmates many of the basic human rights that they should be extended to all humans.

What do you think about the situation? Do you think he should be allowed to donate his organs?

*If interested, and you haven’t already read it, I wrote about drug users and the prison not allowing them the highest right to attainable health, you can read it here.

Resources used are the article linked above and Wiki. Sorry if my numbers are not 100% correct. I did the math quickly just so you could have an idea. And a shout out to my sister who posted on FB about the issue that directed me to a little research.

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  2. Ooo, I love the swan figue and Miles is so adorable!!

    I really agree with you. Inmates on death row SHOULD be able to donate their organs if they want to. Sure it might not atone for his sins, but at least he/she can try. And their death could save more lives. And it should be a basic human right as well. What you do with your own body is your decision and no one can stop you.

  3. I partially agree with Heather. I’d say have doctors check ’em out before they die and see how their organs are and if they are suitable for donation because to me that sounds like a waste! I’m just practical at heart though.

  4. Myles is too cute!

    He should definitely be allowed to donate his organs!
    Why even question it?! Of course the organs must be healthy.
    But give the man a chance, and so many other people too!

  5. Beautiful pictures dear!!! the boy is so handsome!
    now, I agree with you, I think everybody should be able to choose what to do with his organs after death, specially if they want to donate them and save other lifes. When the aim is saving lifes, the only obstacle should be the health of the organs. However in Spain, where I live, death sentence doesn’t exist, so that problem is a bit far from my point of view.

  6. Wow. Who knew about this? Thanks for sharing. I agree that if there is one good thing that can come of the death penalty and the tragedy that begs it, it is allowing death row inmates to opt donate their organs. That is the ONLY thing they can possibly do while still alive to atone for their actions. If they pass all the medicals and have no history of disease, they should be able to do it.

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