Awarded Style

Somebody thinks I am stylish, therefore, I am.Thank you Dusk for awarding me this… You my dear, are stylish, confident, gorgeous and artistic.

I am pleased. With this award I am to 1) Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.

2) Share 7 things about yourself.

I am currently blogging when I should be getting ready to leave. Last night Andrew and I watched “I am Khan” a new favorite movie of mine. I have never watched Lord of the Rings, something that is currently in the process of being checked off the “to do list.” I ask questions in class when others don’t. I really want to go hiking and camping this summer. I make an awesome lasagna, no joke. I’m still sick, and I am pretending I am not.

3) Award 10 recently discovered great bloggers.

Clarabelle I IMMEDIATELY fell in love with her blog and her personality! I think maybe because she reminds me a little bit of ahem, me?

Abbey from Think Runway and Brunch at Queens. She is a sweet girl who I think will be doing a guest post soon! I cannot not visit her blog, since she discovers the most stunning pictures, and has intriguing stories submitted that are so heartfelt.

Minneapolis Affair my sister and her boyfriend’s blog. She is an amazing photographer! Their blog includes street style and location reviews. I just love seeing her work.

Dorkpunch Garage new to the blogging world, has a fun blog about the life of his motorcycles. I support him all the way! Now for this shout out I totally expect some riding lessons! Or a free bike so I can convince my man to teach me!

For the Love a very cute fashionista mommy blogger.

Keiko Lynn Um, she is beautiful and has awesome makeup skills.

My Pretzel Logic he simply has a beautiful way with words.

Krystle from Fierce Fabulous Fit I am loving her new blog with the fit section!

Devilishly Pleasurable Her blog/life is just so different from anything I know, and guess what?! I LOVE it!

My Fashion Diary I have a love/hate relationship with this blog. So much tempting fashion.

Wow. Some of these blogs are not new to me. Apparently I really need to start doing some more blog hoping! Any suggestions?

4) Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

On a side note, I have been feeling strange lately. Granted, I have been sick which always brings me down a bit. But I have this feeling of needing verification for many of the things I do. Friendships have felt slightly distant, which makes me question them, question myself. Since maybe they aren’t really distant, and I just feel that way. Do people enjoy my company? And why do I cry so much lately? Why do I miss my family? I simply wish these strained feelings would just go away. Why do I keep needing Andrew to tell me I am beautiful and that he believes in me? Why is so much changing? I know I can handle it, I have plenty of times before. Why are this little trifles of life happening now and is it going to be okay? Why do I need all of this verification?

And like always, thank you my dear readers! And to all my new readers, thank you so much for visiting and leaving comments! I appreciate it so much!


15 responses

  1. Hey Annie,

    Thank you for stopping by my blog.

    You look beautiful and congrats on your award.
    Krystle’s blog is cool. I will have to check out these other lovely blogs.

    Those shoes are so hot.


  2. Yay, you definitely deserve this award. You have great style.
    And loved reading more about you. I want to try your lasagne now. And I’ve always wanted to go camping as well.

    And sorry to hear that you’ve been feeling down lately. You’re fabulous: just keep remembering that.

  3. Sorry you’re feeling a bit strange. I always ask these questions first 1) Are you pregnant 2) Have you checked your thyroid. We women are rather complex and have hormones that can play havoc with how we feel. Feeling overwhelmed gets me crying and cranky. Hope you feel better soon.

    Love your outfit – very sexy.

  4. Congrats on the award Annie! That’s awesome! I love the outfit too, the necklace is way cute! You look great!

    Sorry to hear you’re having a bit of a difficult time these days, I get in little ruts like that too, were everything is blah or I read too much into things and worry over things way too much, I wish I had an easy fix to offer, but it’s something I still struggle with here and there. Just take things a day at a time, and find something good about yourself daily!

  5. I just found your blog through Krystle’s blogroll page and here you are recommending her right back. How sweet! She’s a doll. I love your outfit today and your photos are very artistic, especially the one with the wheel barrow. Who knew a wheel barrow could yield such chic photos…

    Lindsay Living

  6. You are not just stylish in mode, you are stylish in manner. I absolutely adore your quirky and ‘crystal pinwheel’ personality! You are gorgeous and witty and fun and honest and dark and mysterious and lovely.
    …and what you’re feeling may be the result of astrological planetary movement… if you believe in such things of course, otherwise what you’re feeling is a rite of passage… maybe…

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