Lady Gaga Attempt

I attempted to dance/pose like Lady Gaga. A slightly failed attempt. But hey, dancing is just an interpretation of how we feel right? I don’t think there is anyway Lady Gaga would wear anything from my closet. Especially not this outfit. I could imagine her cutting up my clothes to make them fit her personality.Don’t you love this ridiculous red lipstick? This is my true on Lady Gaga face. But I I had to put it at the end. haha, cuz it is a little crazy.Do you ever like to dance like a famous artist? Perhaps you have tried Shakira’s belly dancing? Or Michael Jackson’s smooth moon walk?

I did a guest post on HIFashion! Be sure to check it out!


10 responses

  1. – would you allow us to share a guest post with your blog to raise awareness of the work we are doing to help aid single mommies in neeed – would be short and sweet and we are willing to repay the favor on our blog at – With a cherry on top :0)

  2. I think you did a great job! I often dance around while taking pictures too, if my music is playing ;)
    That red lipstick is AWESOME! It makes your lips look so pouty too.

  3. The red lipstick looks fantastic on you! I’m tryin to find a shade that suits me at the moment but everything looks wrong. I think its just because I’m not used to wearing bold colours. As for dancing, I love dancing to Lady Gaga and Rhianna especially when I’m in the house and its just me so I can be as crazy as i like:)

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