MK Purple Bronze

Just so you know, I actually have been using a self tanner, wait? What? YES that’s RIGHT!…but not on my lovely face. I am simply letting you in on this secret so that you know you can fake a tan look on your face!

1. Start with a clean face. Add your liquid foundation and concealer (I use liquid. We all know this. If you do not use liquid, simply put on your concealer only.) Top it all off with your mineral foundation!

2. Grab your bronzer, using an angled brush, chisels out that area between the jaw line and the cheek bone. You can slightly use your bronzer on the bridge of your nose, and even more slightly use it on your forehead and chin.

3. Take a lighter bronze color and use it like a blush. Start under the pupil of the eye and pull up into a slight angle following the chiseled cheeks you already did. Now grab an orange-ish blush and lighten it up a bit.

4. Use a fan brush to apply your highlighter. This is the “current” thing about bronzer. You want a 3-dimensional look, which in makeup terms means highlighter! Sweep across the top of you cheek bones making a slight curve toward the outer eye, the bridge of the nose, and chin. (Anywhere the sun would hit you naturally).

5. Blend Blend BLEND! The most important step for this look! Blend in your makeup with a kabuki brush! Or any big fluffy brush you have.

NOW ONTO THE EYES! This is the same technique used in my MK video.

1. Use MK Sweet Plum over the lid.

2. In the crease combine MK Granite and MK Lavender Fog onto one brush. Place stratigicly in crease, slightly higher as well. These colors are very sparkly.

3. Use white under the eye brow.

4. One last time, touch up the bottom with the MK Sweet Plum. (In other words go over the same area you applied it the first time just to define it.)

5. Apply MK Ultimate Mascara!

6. TOP IT ALL OFF with this AWESOME COLOR MK Sugarberry!

See, even a White T can be glammed up with some cool earrings and purrrrfect makeup!

EVERYTHING I am wearing in this Video is MK! And I didn’t even plan it that way! Only exception are a couple of the brushes I’m using…

I also want to brag for a bit, a full face look under 11 steps?! Not to shabby Eh? So did you like it? OH YOU DID? I can hear your smile all the way across cyberspace!


23 responses

  1. Firstly, I am really jealous that even in the ‘before’ picture you look great! But WOWZA, this is one sexy make-up look! I wish you could come do my make-up for my wedding. Can you fly to India in July? :P Everything you do looks so professional.

  2. I will have to get Willow to look at this! She has been complaining abt how white she is. (We’re not in UT anymore Toto) jk lol

  3. Hi. I’m a stylist in LA and I’m totally obsessed with your blog. I’d love if you visited my new blog for multiple posts a day on all things fashion. I just moved to California after graduating back in south with a degree in visual merchandiser. In attempt to get my heel in the door, I’ve launched a site all about celebrity fashion and the trends that create it. Check out what Vanessa Hudgens was wearing when I ran into her last week and Olivia P’s breaking news. I’d love the support. I’m following you, I hope you’ll do the same. Thanks so much.

    And don’t forget to follow on Twitter for all the latest celebrity fashion news, from an LA stylist.

  4. Oooo, you look really gorgeous in every single picture. I can’t believe you use self tanner: It looks so natural on you.
    The step by step guide is perfect. I really want to be more experimental with my make up

  5. I have just recently started using a MK bronzer, and love it! I don’t use blush very often and the bronzer leaves a much more natural look. I love this tutorial. It will help me experiement with it with more confidence. Thank you.

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