Advice Please?!

Thanks to a post by Dusk, I chose to really take some pictures! She says if your going to take a picture, REALLY COMMIT to it! So, lalalalalalala
So this is my new necklace from Lia Sophia. I know I have been talking about their jewelry a lot lately! So, long story short, I was thinking about exchanging this necklace for these earrings (and oh my, do not look at the price, I am not paying even close to that much for them!)…but the necklace is growing on me. So ladies, got any fashion advice for me? It would be greatly appreciated!
This is the one I actually wore all day. I was just so excited to wear it, I didn’t care if it didn’t match. lalalala…xoxo Annie

9 responses

  1. I think they are both sweet. Bu I love the earrings…. I do have to say that the second picture looks like your sniffing…. But you can make that look good girl!

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