MK Vlog!


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  1. Hey! I really enjoyed your vlog … and so excited about your new project! I am not very good at make up that is I do not use much besides Kohl and Lipstick (now). Here’s my first question from you but skin always seem very ‘shiny’ what can I do to fix that without too much foundation on. I do not like to apply many layers to my skin!

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    • When picking out your foundation/and or blush make sure it is a matte color. (Nothing with sparkles. A lot of cheek color has sparkles). Liquid foundation can look shiny, so you always want to top it off with a powder if you use it.

      However, I would suggest using only a loose mineral powder for your foundation. (skip the liquid) and use a makeup brush for application. Loose minerals allow you to put minimal makeup on, and the brush will allow a perfect application. Stir your brush around in the lid of the loose mineral powder and tap it off.

  2. Great video! I love vlogs so much.
    Good luck with Mary Kay. It sounds really fun. I’ve tried Mary Kay products and they were really great.

    You’re definitley talented enough. Your make up always looks great. I really wish I was more experimental with my make up. I can’t wait to see more make up posts!! Hope to see lots of tips and pictures.

    Love how you did your make up here as well. Your eye make up looks great!

    P.S. You should definitely do Miles make up!!

  3. I’m excited for your MK business. I’ve always wanted to try Mary Kay, but I don’t know anyone who sells it. Maybe I can buy some form you….

  4. Aw you are so cute! I’m excited for you!

    I wish you could do my make up!

    I’m not really into make up myself
    because I don’t know how to properly use it
    but would love to learn.

    You looks so healthy, your face is spotless,
    tell me how do you do that?!

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