P.F.Changs at HOME.

I attempted to make my outfit a little more glamorous today… Well, that’s not true, tonight. Today I looked like a scrub. Andrew and I bought P.F.Changs…and are about to eat it! If you have ever seen their commercials you can get an idea of the kind of jokes I started making when Andrew suggested it for our dinner date.There isn’t much you can do with you can do with short hair, but wearing it all slick and smooth…for a different look. My friend picked out this Banana Republic shirt brand new from the thrift store! My cheeks have 2 pinks, an orange and bronzer!


15 responses

  1. Just came across your blog and was going through your posts and I love this photoshoot. The lighting is divine and you’re so pretty! Love the shoes and the way you styled your outfit :)

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