It’s dark outside…obviously

I love it when people tell me I inspire them. People telling me things like this is what I think about when I snuggle up in my bed, and they make me feel happy.

A few comments I have gotten recently, I’ve inspired you to try orange/coral lipstick. I’ve inspired you to do a fancy dinner with two forks. I’ve inspired you to glam it up everyday, instead of jeans and a T-shirt. I’ve been a big part of you liking makeup AND I’ve tempted you to cut off your hair. I also convinced my sister to watch Pretty Little Liars, her new favorite show!I care a lot about education. Here is a post that my brother in law created, talking about the school system in Idaho. It is really interesting situation and I definitely suggest the read! The system actually makes me somewhat upset. You can find the post HERE.Apparently pictures outside in the dark aren’t the greatest…

This is the kind of stuff I wear 60% of the time. I simply think it is boring to blog about, since it doesn’t seem original at all…but I want to do more outfit posts, so I force myself to dress up a little more. You may end up seeing a lot more pics of me in jeans and a T.


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