Party Life. haha, ok, not really.

Hey ladies…First thank you to everyone who came to my Lia Sophia party! I love the advice Lisa gave about wearing jewelry…If you want to know the advice given, you are just going to have to come to another Lia Sophia party I host…

In this, I am wearing my free piece! Sorry, no close up tonight.Me, trying to re-create a natural moment, in which I slightly play with my hair, smile and look the other way, all-relaxed like. If I normally do this naturally, I have no idea. lolYou all know I think you should celebrate your beauty…but are you curious what my biggest body insecurities are? You can read it hereAnd one snapshot from the party! Rebeka, getting all beautified, in a slightly extreme way. Sorry I didn’t get more pictures. There were a lot of babies to chase! But I had a really good turnout! 7 girls! (and about that many babies/toddlers as well) Many of whom I haven’t seen in a while, so that was nice.


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    • That’s not really fair to ppl like me. That’s ok. I don’t need any jewelry advice. (jk) I still want that necklace I borrowed from you when you were in Hawaii. The one that you said you can’t remember.

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