What’d she get? (and that secret I promised!)

This blog is currently on a new cycle! First I show my very personal living room decor and now I’m onto showing you my new purchases! Normally I don’t want to share what I got, because I often am embarrassed about buying myself stuff, especially if it was a spontaneous purchase, but these ones I thought about long and hard.

This is my new coat! I got it at JCPenny’s. I went to find a fancy shirt, and opted for this light orange DownEast Outfitters shirt. I think it fulfills my desire perfectly.My new cardigan…which was a decent sale.This outfit looks a lot like this one. But a little more glamorous I think…Do you like the little yellow block? I am throwing my Lia Sophia party this week! I haven’t hosted a party for a while! I am really excited. I have a strong urge to do a fancy dinner party sometime soon….I bought this piece of stoneware from DI for $1. Originally $39! This is my vegetarian lasagna. It is full of cheeses, whole wheat lasagna noodles, and spinach. Lastly, two surprises! 1. I am pretty sure I’m going to start doing Mary Kay. :P and 2. I bought this awesome thing! I am SOOO STOKED! Andrew and I both love it! I was very skeptical at first when Andrew suggested it. (I always question things at first…) Then I couldn’t stop thinking about how much I would actually use it!Have you gotten anything new? Are you like me, and get embarrassed at purchases sometimes?


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  1. Hey!! Why are you embarassed?? You didn’t go crazy or anything. Both the top and coat are darling!! I can never find really pretty tops that I actually like. Can I have yours?? :) I have made a few purchases recently! I had a list of things I needed after I purged my closet… I got a pair of shoes, a few cardigans, tops, jacket, vest, and a romper. ALL on sale!!! Aren’t sales so much fun??

  2. First, when did you cut your hair?! Am I totally behind? It is shorter right? lol

    Also, love that shade of orange and it looks good paired with that white skirt!

    And that lasagna looks very tasty!

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