I actually like my wrinkles.

The other night I luckily got to model for Mandy Potter and Janneke Marquez around town! Other than the fact that it was freezing, I had a lot of fun! I learned that I need to put my feet together to get more body-flattering poses. Thanks Janneke for the advice!Mandy took these two pictures! I secretly love that you can see my “young” wrinkles in my forehead and (if you magnify the picture) you can see the ones by my eyes.  Yes, I think wrinkles are pretty sometimes.

So I’m 22. When did you/or have you found wrinkles?


6 responses

  1. I started noticing some wrinkling at abt 25, mostly in the forehead area. I hate them. I started using a daily facial moisturizer with sunscreen. Now, 6 yrs later, I have a few around the eyes. I hate those too!! Don’t mind the gray hair though, started getting those 2 yrs ago, not very noticeable.

  2. honestly I found my wrinkles like two years ago after losing all the weight. before then I had never seen them, I am 36, and a Latin woman.with brown skin. :) I HATE MY WRINKLES!

  3. These shots are STUNNING! You look gorgeous. Specially love the second one. I haven’t tried to find wrinkles yet. I do not notice them. If they are there then I shall let them be :)

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