My Obsessive Makeup Collection.

The lippies, how I love you.

Gloss and soft lip accessories.

The flawless face.

Eye candy minerals.

The shadows.

The forgotten but mentionable.

The compacts.

Every pencil and 5 mascaras, sure to go bad before I can use them all.

Everyday brushes

For when I'm feeling artsy. (My loves).

The storage unit.

Some brands I have include Bare Minerals, Lancome, Mirabella, Clinique, Mary Kay, Neutrogena, Loreal, Loreal Hip, Costal Scents, elf, NB, Revlon, Maybelline, Cover Girl, and More.

I really believe that if you know technique then you can get away with some very cheap makeup. However I will do a short, when to splurge, skimp, and when to go safe.

Skimp or go safe on lip gloss (unless you are a huge gloss fan,), new or extreme colors for shadows, lip pencils, funky eye liner pencils.

Go Safe mascara, primers, and makeup remover.

Go safe to splurge moisturizer, lipstick and blushes/bronzers, brushes (stay within a budget, but real haired brushes are definitely the best, just choose animal cruelty free!)

Splurge on good foundation both liquid and powder, concealer and eyelash curler.

Skimp or splurge on mineral shadows. Elf has wonderful mineral shadows which are priced wonderfully but MAC and Bare Minerals have amazing quality.

As for non-mineral shadows I truly believe you can get away with drug store quality as long as you know good technique and use eye primer. But it is okay to splurge on a few favorite everyday colors.

Do you have any advice on when to splurge and when to skimp?

This post was inspired by Leia’s Makeup Collection.


12 responses

  1. I love your collection! The lipglosses all look amazing. I tend to have a llot of eyeshadows.
    And great skimp/splurge tips. I think you cn definitely skimp on lipglosses and lip pencils, but buy moderate eyeliners.

  2. your makeup collection looks like mine. i really love pure minerals right now. its kinda like bare minerals but its a pressed power. and their brushes are amazing too. :)

  3. I my gosh! When I first started reading this post, I was stunned by how much lip products you have, then I scrolled down more, and noticed how much you have of everything! I’ve never seen that much makeup before! :)

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