Alice in Gangsterpixieland.

Notice anything different? Maybe my kind of angry face in all these pictures? Or maybe my awesome pose? Oh yeah, that’s right, I chopped off my hair.

Do I remind you of Alice in Wonderland, but kind of like a gangster, or kind of like a pixie? I know, my outfit looks nothing like Alice in Wonderland clothing, but what about the “where am I” pose? No? Not even a little? Common, you should just agree with me.

See this cute little clutch? It is full of makeup! My dear sister in law bought me it as an “emergency kit!” It is all sparkly and perfect.

*As for my last post it was suppose to be posted on Unearthing Ideas…so I moved it, but thank you for your quick comments on how you love my picture, I did read them all. I am doing a 60 day picture dealo over there. You are welcome to check it out.

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