Stuck on Orange.

Thank you all the comments and response posts that share my excitement! I just can’t get enough of my 24k orange lipstick from Revlon! I went and looked at the same lipstick at the drug store since mine is a slightly older version and I wanted to report to all you lovely followers my finds. The one I have appears to adorable be slightly more lustrous than the matte alternative available to you, but that can be easily solved by adding gloss. There also was an coral-orange color I would definitely recommend.

So how to wear orange lips?

1. Make sure your foundation looks great. You don’t want the intensity of the orange to draw out any flaws.

2. Pair it with brown eye liner. I know in the picture I did teal, like the complete opposite of orange, but I have worn it with brown and I loved it! Using a medium brown line your top lashes. Then use a taupe color to put over the lid. It seriously looks superb!

3. Use a bronzer lightly to chisel out your cheek bones slightly, and around your hairline to the sides of the forehead. This step can easily be skipped.

4. Make sure your blush is also lustful. Use something bright and pretty! Start under the pupils of the eyes and pull your brush toward the hairline.

5. Apply your killer orange lipstick as if it were a red lipstick. You probably want to line your lips. I read that you should stay away from orange if you have yellow teeth, but I have yellow teeth and I think it turned out just fine!

Also, if you were curious, I did not edit these pictures. That is the true color.


27 responses

  1. The lisptick is such a gorgeous colour. It really suits you and the rest of the make up. thanks for te tips on wearing orange lips. I love the colour but have no idea how to go about wearing it.

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  11. I love my Revlon orange lipstick (which unfortunately seems to have disappeared however). I find it a flattering but also a tricky shade for the reasons you mentioned, namely, how good my complexion is, and my yellowish teeth. I found some days I wasn’t quite up for it, but some days it looked amazing. Love this post!

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