How to Get Stuff Cheaper.

I just want to talk about every item in this outfit and how I adore each individual piece, especially my new cashmere sweater, but I will spare you the pain. I also want to simply talk about my makeup! But again, I don’t want you to pound your head into your computer…

I tried really hard to pose like a model via a request by my sister. I fear I have no talent in this department. How To get Stuff Cheaper at DI: Find a cool item, like my funky belt it stretches! Pick out someone you think will give you a good deal, ie, a cute guy or nice looking a lady. Search the item for any undesirable features. Convince the cashier that the item should be $1 instead of $3 because it is pretty “worn” “about to break” “strings missing” etc. This also works at other stores. Normally they will give you a 20% discount but it will be non-returnable. I also am wearing the beautiful orange lipstick that my amazing lady friend sent me in the mail after my pathetic plea! Isn’t she so nice?? Seriously, helping out a fashionista in need.Ok, now I will talk about something serious. Give me a minute to figure out something intelligent first though.

I learned some pretty exciting stuff in my geology class about how exactly how magma is created, how plates are submerged, and how new earth is created. Problem is, I would have to draw diagrams to explain any of this to you…and I rather just post a gazillion pictures of myself.


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  1. I LOVE the orange lipstick! It was totally the first thing I noticed about your whole outfit. I always talk the thrift store people down in the price of thinks, like yesterday my real bill was $10.75 and I got all my stuff fopr $2.10. The only negotiating I’ve done at regular stores was for display furniture…

  2. You look really pretty in these pictures. Definitely better than a model! And the lipstick is really pretty. The colour really suits you.

    I’ve never asked for a discount before. I’ve heard that it works, but I’ve never had the confidence!!

  3. That dress is adorable! Also, our Goodwill stores have 50% EVERYTHING twice a month. I love it! (Their prices are a little high here, compared to DI in Pocatello, so the 50% makes it much more reasonable.) We also have GREAT yard sales down here in Arizona. I am loving it!

  4. Thanks for the visit in my blog.
    You are very beautiful In all pictures and the lipstick is really pretty. It’s cold and snowy here too! Well have a nice day!

  5. I love the earrings, I have some similar ones but they are only small feathers compared to yours hehe! The orange lipstick looks really pretty on you too, it suits your dark hair and blue eyes (like me) – so I might have to invest in one too :) Also, the dress is cuuuuute ! x

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