I’m dying here….

I have been dying to try this style since I saw it on the runways earlier this fall.

Orange lips baby! Unfortunately I had to pay for school and as a consequence can’t be spending money on makeup. Anyone have an orange lipstick they want to give me? You will totally be my bestest friend ever!

Are any of you dying to try this look? Even though I sincerely believe all boyfriends and husbands will hate the look…

Again, I joke not, I will gladly accept any orange lipstick gifts or gift cards.

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9 responses

  1. Orange lips is a great look. I really want to try it now as well. But hehe, yup: I reckon all guys would really dislike the look of orange lips.
    I actually really like the girl’s hair in the first picture as well.

  2. I’m kinda obsessed with orange lipstick too! I’ll be on the look out for some cheaper versions and will def let you know what I find! (I’m pretty sure you’re right about all husbands and boyfriends hating this trend but who cares what they think!)

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