Glam It Up Project COMPLETE!

Thanks everyone who joined in Glam It Up! I hope you are all as excited as I was to see all the different ways people participated! Be sure to check out everyone’s blogs!

First we have Sunaina from Fashionaina.

Then we have Kristin from KristinMarie. And Krystle from Krystle’s Style.

Katelyn from Vogue Vintage.

Doug from dorkpunch garage, a blog about his motorcycle’s life. And Sarah from Sarah Turner Photography and My Craft (b)log.

T from Paper Packages Tied Up With Strings.

Rebeka from The Ambriz Family and Tanvii from The Fabulous Life of the Not-so-Rich and Infamous.

Julia from My little Fashion Diary.

My sister in law Moro, who doesn’t have a blog, and me.


14 responses

  1. Everyone looks so amazing: Perfect for the Christmas season. Sunaina is absolutely gorgeous and I love Katelyn’s dress: The red bbow looks really nice.

    Tanvi always looks perfect. I love her style.
    Having people send in their glamorour outfits was such a wonderful idea.

  2. this was awesome! all the ladies look great!! I glammed it up just a little bit! Isually just wear jeans!! I wore bracelets! hahaha! and Sunday I tried of of your looks!!! LOL I am still going to glam it up baby!! loved loved loved this idea!

  3. OHHHH AND MY NAILSSS!!! you forgot my nailsss!!! instead of white tips I did GOLD!!!!!!! to glam it up baby!!!!!!!!!! hahahahhaha!!! seriously!!! they are glittery!!!

  4. Nice post, I really love your ideas Annie!
    And it’s a great way to meet fellow bloggers!

    Julia is photgenic indeed! I love Katelyn’s bow
    and Tanvi’s tights! All participations are nice,
    great job! xx

  5. Thank you Annie , great job ! So glad I got involved in Glam It Up, i’m really keen to promote myself and my blog ! And this is a great way to meet people ! I love love love Katelyn’s statement red bow and matching nails and I agree Krystle looks stunning in hot pink ! And I have a lot of time for false eyelashes :) xx

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