Friend Friday: New Beginnings!

First, thanks everyone who has sent me pictures for the Glam it up project! I will be posting those soon, so if you still have submissions make sure you email me what you love about yourself, with a glam it up picture, and how you glammed it up! I am going to start posting those starting tomorrow!

This is the skirt I made for glamming it up.

And this (below) is how I glammed it up. I straightened my hair and wore it slick. I never do it that way. I also wore this skirt, obviously. Some features I love about myself, I love my legs that the way that there is a little crack when I put my knees together. I have had a hard time with losing weight, but that is one thing I really do love. I also love my neck but I have discussed that before here.

Also, for my new years resolution check it out here!

1. What’s the one thing you vow to learn or do in 2011 to improve your blog? I plan on learning how to edit videos so I can make awesome makeup videos!

2. What did you learn about blogging in 2010 that you plan to put into practice next year? I have learned so much!I have learned how much I love WordPress, and simplicity on blogs. So I plan on continuing making my blog simple and pretty.
3. Do you have any high-level goals for your blog in the coming year? Monetization? More comments? More connections with other bloggers? A new template? Like I said, videos. I really want to learn more about making them, editing them, etc so I can share makeup tips! This is huge for me, but I am very excited to do it. I may try monetizing my blog, but I’m not sure still.
4. If you could collaborate with one other blogger within your sphere of influence in 2011, who would you like to collaborate with and what would you like to collaborate on? Oh, this is hard. I’m going to say Sherin from Hi Fashion. I think this year I have connected with her a lot, and she has always been a wonderful supporter for me. I would like to do something with her that promotes helping people, maybe something like raising awareness or money for the hungry. I know this is very broad, but I would like to do something meaningful that helps end poverty. If she would want to do that, I have no idea. This is just off the top of my head.

5. What do you plan to do to support other bloggers next year? I am hoping to make more and stronger connections this year. I know of many bloggers I know of, but don’t feel like I have a very strong connection with, so I would like to work on that.


8 responses

  1. I love that skirt. It’s really glamorous. I love your hair that straight as well. Looks really pretty.

    I am so glad to have gotten to know you and your blog this year.

    I would love to collaborate with you on something! I am so honoured that you picked me. You’ve become such a lovely blogger friend to me this year that it would be great to do something together.
    Doing something to help other people is a great idea. I’ve had such a wonderful 201 and feel so lucky for everything, that giving back seems like the right thing to do.

  2. A girl after my own heart you made that skirt! Fantastic. You truly look glammed up and so chic.

    I agree wholeheartedly with connecting more with other bloggers.

    Happy New Year!

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