Late Friend Friday… Sorry Ladies.

First I still can’t believe I haven’t posted this! I did a guest post about a week ago on The Hot Spot. You are welcome to check it out if you haven’t yet.

1. Your favorite holiday memory: One year, the year my mother had breast cancer, I remember taking pictures and there was one of my nephew sitting in the middle of the Christmas tree presents and he was completely engulfed in the boxes of brightly colored paper, and with a family of seventeen kids, and all my sisters and their hubby’s and one aunt and her family you can imagine how many gifts our tree contained.

2. Were you ever a victim of those family Christmas party photo shoots? What do you think about them now? Care to share an old photo? My dad always tried to get a picture of all of us. It never really truly worked out and was always very time consuming. I prefer individual family pictures that are more personal.

3. Best Christmas gift you ever gave: Gift giving is something I love to do. I have one in my head currently but am not going to share because I think it would offend some people. ;) But the person liked the gift.

4. Craziest/funniest holiday family tradition: I don’t think this really crazy, rather cool. My mom use to do the 12 days of Christmas and she would go all out. For instance, the four calling birds, she would take a branch, a really big branch, like 4 feet tall, one of the sticky kind and glue birds with phones going between them and tie up the entire tree in candy! As a kid I loved this tradition.

5. Favorite type of Christmas cookie: Fudge. Not a cookie, but yummy!


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